Just Breathe

by Fiske and Herrera

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(free) 04:46


released September 7, 2007

Purchase the entire album, and receive three extra tracks! "Just Breathe", "Headed Back" and "The Father".


Amy Herrera: guitar, voice, additional percussion on "The Violin"

Jared Fiske: guitar, voice, bass

Seth Connelly: bass, piano, additional guitars and percussion

Valerie Thompson: cello

Al Gould: violin

Don Croad: drums

Seth Adams: percussion, bass

Produced by Seth Connelly with Fiske and Herrera.

Recorded and Mixed by Seth Connelly at Humminglake Studios.

Mastered by Dana White at Specialized Mastering.

String Arrangements by Fiske, Herrera and Connelly

Song credits:

Bad Dream - Herrera
Along for the View - Fiske
Colorado Rain - Fiske, Herrera
Rough Luck - Fiske
Headed Back - Fiske
The Explanation - Fiske, Herrera
The Violin - Fiske, Herrera
The Independent of '73 - Herrera

Cover Illustration by Dave Herrera of D.H. Media and Design

Art Direction and Layout by Raymond Kingston at Microspective Multimedia.

Fiske and Herrera would like to thank the following people:
Rob and Mary Ann Adams, Linda and Herb Herrera, Seth Adams, Ray Kingston, Dave Herrera, Cara "Gophera" Wales, Ellen Schmidt and all of our friends, fans and family.

A very special thanks to Seth Connelly.



all rights reserved


Fiske and Herrera Sturbridge, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Bad Dream
Bad Dream

Last night I had
a bad, bad dream
and for the first time
in my life
I felt I couldn't wake you.

I wanted to call out your name,
for you to comfort me
as only you can do.

Instead I lay here in our bed,
your hurtful words
still in my head
when I finally brought myself
to ask a question.
I said "do I make you happy?"
and you wrapped your arms around me,
then you told me yes
without answering my question.

All I wanted was some comfort
to see me through the night,
instead I'm here - cold, alone.
I wonder if you're dreaming better
now that I'm not there.
I wish you didn't feel so much like home.
my beloved.

These feelings are bleeding me dry.
I feel the world still suckling at my breast.
This anger feels like a lie
but still I cannot rest
my head upon your chest.

So I tell myself we need to part
if only for a while,
as my yearn for you continues
to exhaust me.
As I lay here wanting for your lips
I push myself away
from the thought that I am lost
and you don't want me.

Last night I had to be alone;
I had to find the comfort that evades me.
And as I wept I kissed your mouth
and still somedays I wait for you
to save me.

Now I know it is old fashioned
to believe in being rescued,
but I know that this won't stop you
from trying.
I was a fool to think you'd let me,
so ever changing without question,
it's so hard to see the promise through the lies.
Track Name: Along for the View
Along for the View

A string of bad luck but I hoped
you might share the view.
Whenever I see you confirms,
I can't keep my eyes off of you.
There are better songs that say
you'll never know that I love how i do.
And I hope you don't put it together
that this one's for you.

But you launch me out like a satellite.
And i'm a spot stuck up there in the sky
like a broken kite.
You can't see the string cause it's you.
I'm flying along for the view.

There have been times when I've noticed
you drink too much, but I forgive you.
After all, no one's perfect,
but no one I know is close as you.
Still I'll never say a thing,
'cause I know I'd lose
guess for now, I'll resign you to dreams
where it's ok to touch you.

When we first met we asked
"where's all the work?"
We're not easy with people,
it was easy with you.
Like an almost memory
or an old pair of shoes.
Track Name: Colorado Rain
Colorado Rain

Feel a little hurried up,
pushed out of this place where I was comfortable.
Find a way to question where I am,
and where I've never been.

Why should I worry at my age?
I need to build I need to fall.
Don't know the story when you turn the page
unless you read it all.

You've gotta read it all.

I've thrown away the last of
the things that I thought composed a home.
Standing back I measure up
the part of my life that I've disowned.

So tell me the story of how it goes,
I need to know the twists and bends .
People don't know how we live on the road.
You just can't care where it ends.

So let it rain down on me.

Feel a little need now,
for a cleansing Colorado rain.
The shock of looking out your door
and seeing the Arizona planes.

Why should I worry at my age?
I need to trip, I need to fall.
Don't know the story when you turn the page
unless you write it all.

So let it rain down on me.
Track Name: Rough Luck
Rough Luck

She needs love,
but she's treated like a burden.
Her Momma bends love
when she leaves her at the curb
'cause she's so wrapped up
in the times that she's been done wrong,
she doesn't see eyes
with cares beyond their years
and it's some rough luck...

She's an open wound,
a bare wire,
a painting of the night
waiting for the dawn.

She's grown up;
twenty years go by,
an east-american flower child,
who's lost a marriage and two children.
She cries when she sees a child wanting
and she knows why.
She wants a chance to step in front of their
rough luck.

And her hurts have bred compassion
but she needs a lot, 'cause she's
frozen in the fire.

She wants to try again.
She won't be beaten down again, no.
Her spirit's learned to rise up to all of them.
She flashes eyes of mischief
and the roaring of the fire.
Track Name: The Explanation
The Explanation

I'm reaching out to find myself.
To find a reason why.
Every now and then I need a little validation.
And every day it gets harder not to try.

oo, oh.
Passing the time.

So I push my way towards everything I need,
and do my best to give my everything
to everyone around me
when all I want is to find a way to live.

oo, oh.
My life is mine.

So sing another song and make it snappy,
always gotta keep these people happy and
take the empty praise with a smile.
Put a little money in my pocket,
tell me I've accomplished something,
only have to drive a few more miles.

(i'm tired of living in this empty room alone)
Have to pay the bills, have to get more money.
Have to do the work, have to show them something.
Have to do it all on my own.
Maybe if I sleep it'll make it better,
maybe if I push I can find the time, alone.

'Cause every now and then I need a little validation.

I know you are asleep my love,
thanks for listening all the same.
I promise some day I will find the time to tell you.
I'll try to find the courage to explain,
that every now and then I need a little validation,
and every now and then
I hope you'll love me all the same.
Track Name: The Violin
The Violin

He touches absently the tatoo on his chest;
the same one that his father's got.
And he looks back on all the things he'll never have.
The life he once wanted and forgot.

So he toils day to day,
on his mattress sits and plays.
The violin in hand.
Hearing the words from his heart,
"We've waited so long, come back home."

His tired eyes are sunken in from heavy years.
His hands and feet are nearly broken.
And yet he stays awake bleeding melodies.
So many memories, so many words left unspoken.

But the need he can't explain,
he just knows he has to play,
as he breathes the sea-salt air.
Leaving his head full of songs
to pour out from his bow, in the ebb and flow.

But there was wind that spoke a hushed warning
that there was work to be done.
Melodies still circling round and through his head,
as he worked beneath the sun.
Track Name: Choice

I am young, I carry my dreams out in the open.
And like my fathers before me, I fight for freedom.
So I am free, with no guns and no chains to hold me.
And I have a choice to make, that choice is mine.

oo, oo

I have seen friends go before their time.
Pills and guns and rope they left behind.
One made a choice, one made a mistake.
And one died fighting for something;
he felt it worth his dying.

oo, oo

So I will go, I will give what I have to give.
'Cause I have a choice to make.
I chose to live.
Track Name: The Independent of '73
The Independent of '73

I wanted to believe that these things I see aren't real.
For these faces I grieve, I'm not supposed to feel.
So don't you tell me that I'm wrong
when I put my guns away.
'Cause I'd rather be dead than take one more life,
or fight one more day.

So firing squad blow me away,
just take me to that other place.
Maybe that'll do somethin'.
Haven't had enough pain for this guilt to melt away,
and I finally see that it adds up to nothing.

All these people that I know,
the things they make us do.
And these places I go,
it's all coming back to you, now.

So I will walk into that water,
and take off all my clothes.
And I will try to wash away
all the blood and the dirt that's burned into my soul.

The way that I am, it's so hard to understand.
Is this how far I'll go to prove that I'm a man?