Till the Sea Disappears

by Fiske and Herrera

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Tricky Little Fingers (free) 02:55
Tricky Little Fingers Baby, there's a way I like to do things.  Can't you see, can't you see you are the only one for me?  Tricky little fingers and a twisted heart; baby you're enough to tear a girl apart.  Baby, I'm a broken lady with a damaged soul. Is it me, is it me who can lead you deep into temptation? 'Cause everybody else has got a game or two, and everyone but me it seems can be with you. Baby, there's a way I know I gotta love you. But you know, but you know i cannot be the only one. Tricky little fingers and a twisted heart; baby you're enough to tear a girl apart. 
Saint Patrick's Day The first time I laid there awake. The second time felt like a mistake. Packin' in the breeze, you caught me off guard. Everyone I know   sayin' don't, don't touch her. And late night shots the weekend sorts the impulse moves from drunken sport. Seems the pilot light, it never died, it just smoldered under out of sight. Today is Saint Patrick's day, tomorrow we'll meet by the sea and drink deep from our mistake, from what we want, not what we'll be. And I won't decide. No I won't decide. What I've figured out  is this feels right for now. And now's a thing I've just discovered for myself. I can hold it  hard,  'cause it's free of consequence. No after, no before, just a touch, a quick breath in. 
Wood Castles 03:38
Wood Castles Watching the children play in the sand on a blue sky day. They're building up towers to watch 'em fall down, and flooding their cities, and watching the wood people drown. They're building wood castles  and playing at war, and little wood people fall under the sword. Watching the swing set there, as it cuts through the crisp clean air. There is a girl with a red paper moon in her hair. She kisses the air as she leaps from her swing, and the boys simply stare. Wood people slam doors as the rain pounds the shore. Wood castles tremble and bridges crumble. A newspaper blows in the wind. A little boy slips and they cringe. The parents are watching and smiling at them. Admire their innocence. The people are passing and waving at them over a chain link fence. Wood people slam doors in their wooden worlds. Wood castles tremble while children smile.
My Little Fish His face is a face that's familiar nostalgic and unthreatening. But that's a comfort I should remind myself  was worth forgetting. My little fish gets the better of me. Swims in my head like a sailboat in the sea. The salt water comes pouring down. I'm afraid not to let it. The party police said "girl, your dignity called, it's time to go and get it". But my little fish, he misreads every word. He contradicts everyone, his reasons always absurd. Help me to see the place I draw the line. My tired body has given up this time. The color of green's replaced the color of red in the form of a fishy in my head. This place is a bad place to be where emotions shoot like stars. But my little fishy and me, we're quite happy as we are. So we'll keep on dancing this dance every year. The same afternoons till the sea disappears. And I'll hear the sound of a thousand loud cheers, singing praise to the passing of my little fish. Poor little fish.
Broken Man 05:05
Broken Man Purify, stupify, lay it all on the table. Everybody's gonna hear; gonna know what you're labelled. "Burn him up, rip him down, gotta knock the bastard down. Set him up for the fall, push him under make him drown." Got to write this down. It's a better way to find my reasons. But there's no time and I don't trust myself. Heard this before from another face.  He could not see it. This broken man can only save himself. There's a girl always is; wonders if she'll ever miss him. Feel the fever in her skin? Catch, but never let it in. Broken hearts, broken minds, broken men our fathers, brothers. Hurts your little head to hear- "died so sad just like the others." Heard this before so many times, a dime a dozen. These broken men can only save themselves.   Watch your step broken man, don't leave the lights on. Things will get easier now that the tide's come.
Steady Hands 04:18
Steady Hands Another broken dish is on the floor,  but they're only dishes after all.  Another stain, another ruined shirt. Another chance to play in the dirt. We've only this one life to live. No sense in bubble wrapping it. The feel of danger in speed, The feel of safety in our dreams.  The voices say to be concerned. Words of condemnation burn. Another day, another dollar to be earned. Another way, another hard life lesson learned. Another rope to climb, another chance to break. Another road, another simple choice to make. They think our worth is in a vault. They think without it we would fall. But we will plant with steady hands, The roots will reach into the sand. Another way, another reason to feel free. Tiny vines will coil, reaching out of the soil. 
He Said She Said He said she's trying too hard again. She doesn't like the way he sees her life. He's stuck between them wanting more. She says, "They're waiting for me outside.". She sits and waits for me to come, the broken light hangs on the wall. (Don't tell me to stop at the door) I noticed it the day we kissed. She knows to count on me for long. He said "You're holding me back." She said "I think you know it's over." He tried to kiss her mouth again. She says "I think... I think I love her." (Can't take it anymore) I light a cigarette; I pass her street again. The car it slows down hard. She knows I'm outside; he knows I know she's crying, "why?" I light a cigarette; I pass her street again. My heart it beats so hard. She knows I'm outside.  She knows I'll wait for her to fly. I just can't hear it anymore.
Bitter Moon 03:48
Bitter Moon (You Lie)  I could wait for the other foot to fall. Or I could leave the porch light on. I settle down to my third drink.  It doesn't seem to help me think. But it pulls me back from the brink. "We'll settle down", you lie. You always did have a way with words. You played the truth close to your chest.  Now you're on the road again. I'm sure you'll make some special friends to fill the ink of your pen. "No, you're the one", you lie.  You lie.  That bitter moon rises soon. Casts its shadows on the room. "Things will get better soon",  you lie, you lie.  So goodbye. 
Ugly 04:40
Ugly Did you feel it in the air- the fragrant flowers everywhere? There are traces when she leaves the room. Pains her just to see you go. After all, I should know. I'm the one who's been in love with you. So why do i still compete, when the ending's always bittersweet? I make you smile but nothing's left for me. chorus: I'm tired of lying, I'm so sick of trying and i can't pretend that she looks like me. So fly away, love her another day. That's what you come to expect when you're ugly. Does she get under your skin? Do you want to let her in, even if she might be using you? Don't you want to stroke her hair? And tell her that you're always there? Just like with me and how you used to do.  I know that you're always torn, between roses or the bitter thorns. But at least when you bleed, you know you're alive. I can't pretend anymore. I saw this coming from miles away. So give us up and let it end. I promise not to get in your way. So come over here and let me kiss you dear, 'cause truthfully I don't want you to go. And lie to me, I'll hear anything. As long as I think that you love me, I'm not ugly. 
Crazy Amy 04:01
Crazy Amy When we met, we were young, just in high school. You confessed that you played some guitar. There were things that you did that drove me crazy. When you sang, I forgot all of them.  Swappin' songs, talkin' late. Sleep and dreams never came easily to you. There were things that you did that drove me crazy. When you sang, I forgot all of them. When I heard that you were getting married, I thought hey, I guess that could have been me.  But there were things that you did that drove me crazy. When you sang, I forgot all of them. And I hear you say "I wrote another song for you". It came to you while you were thinkin' about truth. Well, it got me thinkin' that I should prob'ly right one two.  On the day you were wed, I played the guitar as you walked down the aisle. It was short and sweet, you were never one to stand on ceremony. I guess now you got what you wanted. So nowadays I see you once or twice a year but I hear your songs every day. There were things that you did that drove me crazy. When you sang I forgot all of them. Said there are things that you do that drive me crazy,  but when you sing I forgive every one. For my crazy Amy. 
Warm My Bones Fall asleep, I can barely keep my concentration. Won't you let me slip into my dreams? Feel the frost, the chill is fierce. I watch the air escape my body, waiting for the sunlight to appear. Warm my bones and dress my body. Feel the ache; the door is locked from inside, but still you overcome me. Wrapped in shame just like a blanket. Help me through the door but don't you touch me. I don't live here anymore. Late at night she visits me, lights a cigarette and says "Imagine that the world is what we dreamed." Feel the air, the day sounds sleep, the nightmares walk, the stairs all creak from bearing so much weight so many years. Warm my bones and dress my body. See the lines of age back from the mirror, try to wear them proudly. Leave my home behind me  but I'm haunted by the memory.  I can't really say that I don't live here anymore. Warm my bones and dress my body.  Feel the aches; the door is locked from inside, but still you overcome me. Leave my home behind me but I'm haunted by the memory. I can't really say that I won't live here anymore.


Till the Sea Disappears

Inspired by but not tethered to the acoustic folk music of their New England region, Fiske and Herrera bravely blend traditional sounds such as dulcimer, mandolin, and reed organ with instruments not often found in the acoustic genre, for instance, vibraphone, analog synthesizers, and even hip hop drum samples. Yet these disparate elements are not jarringly experimental or a forced stab at hipness, but a beautiful blending of sound that perfectly supports and envelops their gorgeous voices—the natural outcome of twenty-somethings equally influenced by Radiohead’s Kid A and Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

Armed with a strategy to try anything once, artist and producer Lorne Entress culled through sounds till they hit on just the right backing for these stunning original songs.


released October 10, 2010

Musician Credits

Tricky Little Fingers - Herrera
Amy Herrera—vocals
Jared Fiske—baritone electric guitar
Kevin Barry—acoustic guitar, lap steel

St. Patrick’s Day - Fiske
Amy Herrera—vocals
Jared Fiske—acoustic guitar, vocals, piano
Mark Erelli—mandolin
Kevin Barry—lap steel
Duke Levine—electric guitar
Seth Adams—bass
Lorne Entress—drums, programming, reed organ, Hammond organ, vibraphone, dulcimer, percussion

Wood Castles - Fiske
Jared Fiske—acoustic guitar, vocals
Amy Herrera—vocals
Duke Levine—electric guitar
Lorne Entress—synthesizers, organ, drums, percussion

My Little Fish - Herrera
Amy Herrera—piano, vocals
Jared Fiske—acoustic guitar
Duke Levine—electric guitar
Kimon Kirk—bass
Lorne Entress—drums, percussion

Warm My Bones - Fiske, Herrera
Amy Herrera—vocals
Jared Fiske—acoustic guitar, vocals
Kevin Barry—lap steel
Lorne Entress—string arrangement
Barbara Wiggins—viola
Mariusz Skula—cello
Stephanie Hug—violin
Mark Rike—violin

Steady Hands - Fiske, Herrera
Jared Fiske—electric guitar, Wurlitzer piano, vocals
Amy Herrera—vocals
Kimon Kirk—bass
Lorne Entress— mellotron, drums, percussion
Rob Adams— background vocals

He Said She Said - Fiske, Herrera
Amy Herrera—vocals
Jared Fiske—acoustic guitar
Lisa Brumby—harmony vocals
Kimon Kirk—bass
Duke Levine—electric guitars
Lorne Entress—drums, electric piano, percussion, programming

Bitter Moon - Fiske
Jared Fiske—acoustic guitar, vocals
Amy Herrera—vocals
Kevin Barry—electric guitars
Kimon Kirk—bass
Lorne Entress—drums, string arrangement
Barbara Wiggins—viola
Mariusz Skula—cello
Stephanie Hug—violin
Mark Rike—violin.

Ugly - Herrera
Amy Herrera—acoustic guitar, vocals
Duke Levine—electric guitars
Lorne Entress—synthesizer, vibraphone

Crazy Amy - Fiske
Jared Fiske—acoustic guitar, vocals
Amy Herrera—vocals
Kimon Kirk—bass
Lorne Entress—reed organ, ukulele, drums, vibraphone, orchestra bells, glockenspiel

Broken Man - Fiske, Herrera
Amy Herrera—vocals, piano
Jared Fiske—acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Technical Credits

Produced by:
Lorne Entress

Recorded at:
Camp Street Studios, Cambridge MA
Engineers—Paul Kolderie, Adam Taylor, Alex
Hartman, John Northrup
Busterland, Glastonbury CT
Engineer—Lorne Entress
Mortal Music, Charlestown MA
Engineer—Andy Pinkham
Rear Window Recording Service, Brookline MA
Engineer—Nate Dube
Assistant Engineer - Zanna
Poolside Studio, West Hartford CT
Engineer—Jim Chapdelaine
Foundation Studios, Sturbridge MA
Engineer—Jared Fiske

Mixed at:
Bailey Building & Loan, New York City, NY
Engineer—Ben Wisch

Mastered at:
Soundmirror, Boston MA
Engineer—Mark Donahue

Artwork/Design by:
Bennett Holzworth

Lorne Entress endorses Vic Firth Sticks, Dream Cymbals, and L.R. Baggs Pickups. Special thanks to Eric Lichter of Dirt Floor Studios, Chester CT, for the use of the vibraphone.

Thank yous:
Our parents, Herb and Linda Herrera and Rob and Mary Ann Adams. Love you all, couldn't have done it without you. Seth Adams, Mark Erelli, Cara Wales, Terrence Kiernan, the fine people at the BUUC, and a very special thanks to Lorne Entress.


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Fiske and Herrera Sturbridge, Massachusetts

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